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Debbie Taylor, the Best Naturopath in Perth

Debbie Taylor is a naturopath and medical herbalist with over 23 years of clinical experience. Based in Perth, Australia, she provides consultations in-person and online. She uses traditional wisdom combined with modern scientific knowledge to help patients improve their overall well-being or address specific health concerns. If one is seeking guidance on how to live a healthier life or has a specific health condition that needs help, Debbie can provide patients with the tools and knowledge needed.

Her services include a full Iridologist analysis which includes mapping areas of the body that needs attention. She specialise in fertility, children’s health, healing chronic fatigue and Immune disorders as well as assists with the elimination of chemical and heavy metal excess in the body. She also specialise in overall detoxification of the body. Ultimately all her consultations are holistic based on the balance of what is happening on physical, as well in mental, emotional, and spiritual perspective, as everything is connected.

Her focus on naturopathic medicine allows her to help patients improve their health. With a focus on nutrition, herbal medicine, and lifestyle medicine, Debbie can help them feel better and prevent disease. Debbie’s ability to identify the underlying causes of imbalances and disease in the body is fundamental to her approach.

Her focus on naturopathic medicine allows her to help patients improve their health. With a focus on nutrition, herbal medicine, and lifestyle medicine, Debbie can help them feel better and prevent disease. Debbie’s ability to identify the underlying causes of imbalances and disease in the body is fundamental to her approach.

Why Work with Debbie?

First and foremost, Debbie is a naturopath registered with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).

She is also passionate about helping patients:


Heal their bodies and minds and live thriving lives focusing on nutrition, botanical medicine, and lifestyle changes. These are key areas that can greatly impact their overall health and well-being. They can achieve optimal health and vitality by making simple changes in these areas.


Treat the symptoms of their health concerns and address the underlying causes. Doing so effectively and permanently improves their health.


Achieve optimal health and wellness, and prevent disease by guiding them to live a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced diet, and get regular exercise.


Be proactive about their health by learning about their body and how to keep it healthy. They can make informed decisions about health and well-being when they know their stuff, which is where Debbie will guide patients.

How She Practises Naturopathy in Perth

As their practitioner, Debbie starts by learning everything about them and their lifestyle to determine the best course of treatment. Naturopathic treatment is individualised and holistic, considering all of these factors.

Various factors can contribute to someone’s overall health. Discussing these factors with a healthcare practitioner like Debbie can help provide context for any special assessments or tests that may be needed to diagnose a disease or uncover any underlying issues that could be causing health problems.

The Benefits of Naturopathy

Disease prevention

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to health that focuses on the underlying cause of a condition and applies treatments that align with the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

A naturopath not only treats the health challenge but also provides clear strategies to patients to empower and improve their life by minimising illnesses from the outset.

Assistance with prevalent health concerns

Naturopathic services focus on helping the body heal itself using natural methods. This may include things like dietary changes, herbal supplements, and exercise. Naturopaths may also recommend lifestyle changes to help improve overall health.

Non-invasive and natural health solutions

A naturopath is a medical professional who uses natural, non-invasive methods to help the body heal itself. This includes looking at a person’s lifestyle and emotions to see how they may affect their overall health. Naturopaths may also recommend eating certain foods or taking supplements to help improve a person’s health.

Naturopathy can also be used in conjunction with traditional western medicine. They often work alongside other healthcare professionals, such as pharmacists and GPs, to ensure that their patients receive the best possible care. This whole health approach can give patients peace of mind knowing that their treatment plan has been tailored to their needs.


Unlike regular in-person doctor’s appointments that cost $150 to $450, naturopathy consultations cost around 50 percent of that, ranging only from $80 to $230 for an hourly consultation (please note prices may vary)!

Other Helpful Information About Naturopathy

Like medical doctors, a naturopath is a medical professional focused on addressing various medical conditions with only natural methods. These doctors typically act as general practitioners, providing care for patients of all ages and working to restore and maintain optimal health by using natural therapies specific to each individual.

Ultimately, they focus on addressing the illness’s underlying cause rather than treating the physical symptoms. This approach often results in fewer side effects than traditional medical interventions since naturopathic therapies centre on the philosophy that human bodies have the innate ability to heal themselves. Naturopathic therapies aim to support and stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal and treat the underlying cause of disease rather than just the symptoms.

Differences between naturopath and homeopathy

When looking at naturopathy and homeopathy, there are distinct differences. In homeopathy, naturopathic doctors use substances in a diluted form to help stimulate the body’s natural healing power. Homeopathy is one of the many modalities naturopathic doctors use to treat their patients.

Strict naturopathy regulations

Much like other medical professionals, naturopathic doctors must go through a lot of schooling to practise. They must have at least three years of pre-med postsecondary education and four years of full-time study at an approved naturopathic medical college.

This four-year naturopathic medical program incorporates over 4,500 classroom training, including basic medical science courses, clinical sciences, naturopathic therapies, and 1,500 hours of supervised clinical experience.

First naturopathy visit

At their first naturopathic visit, patients can expect a detailed review of their health history and a discussion of their current health concerns and goals. Their naturopathic doctor may also recommend lab testing and physical examination to help with assessment and diagnosis. They will also outline preliminary treatments.

The doctor and patient discuss a more comprehensive and individualised treatment plan in the second visit.

Follow-up visits monitor progress and make changes to the treatment plan as needed.

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