Women’s Balance


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Traditional Chinese medicine and balance for women Traditional Chinese herbalists regard the physiological changes that occur in a woman’s body each month as being governed by the healthy circulation of blood and Qi (life force) throughout the body. According to this philosophy, women become predisposed to menstrual irregularities, PMT symptoms and/or period pain when the flow of blood or Qi is disrupted. In TCM, menstrual cycle regularity can be supported by replenishing the blood in the first half of the menstrual cycle. In the second half of the cycle, moving liver blood and Qi can help relieve PMT symptoms.   Dong quai and cyperus: traditionally used to regulate a healthy menstrual cycle in Chinese medicine Fusion Women’s Balance contains dong quai, which is traditionally used to nourish the blood, and restore balance to the menstrual cycle. It also contains peony, which is traditionally used to strengthen liver blood in TCM. This formula also combines the Chinese herbs bupleurum, cyperus and peony, which are all traditionally used in TCM to relieve irregular periods.   Cyperus and dong quai: traditionally taken to ease period pain in TCM Dong quai is also traditionally taken in TCM to relieve period pain and replenish the blood.  In Chinese medicine, both cyperus and peony are also traditionally used to reduce menstrual pain, while Chinese licorice is traditionally taken to relieve pain and spasms.   Cyperus: traditional Chinese medicine relief for PMT symptoms In TCM, the liver meridian regulates the flow of Qi. PMT symptoms can occur if the flow of liver Qi is disrupted. Cyperus is traditionally used in TCM to regulate the flow of liver Qi, relieving symptoms of PMT including breast tenderness associated with liver Qi stagnation. In Chinese medicine, dong quai and bupleurum are also traditionally taken to relieve PMT symptoms. Cyperus is also considered to be a helpful herb for PMT symptoms in Indian (Ayurvedic medicine), where it’s traditionally taken to relieve irritability associated with PMT.   Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, or you are unsure if this medicine is right for you, talk to your health professional.

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